11 festive celebration ideas (that don’t revolve around booze)


Make fun the star of the party this year

While covid is sadly far from gone, life is returning to ‘normal’ for many. This includes some returning to the office and workplace social events coming back. Keen to reconnect with colleagues and celebrate the festive season, it’s no surprise that Christmas parties are high on the agenda at work.

Also high on the agenda for some is alcohol, with many social events at work revolving around bars and drinking. Workplace drink culture is rife within certain industries, making it feel like you need to join in to progress in your career.

To change this requires a full culture change at work, which sounds daunting, but perhaps it can start with a small action. Celebrating the festive season with activities that don’t centre alcohol could be an incredible first step.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Ice skating

Definitely an activity that benefits from sober participants, ice skating is a fun way to come together, have a go at something new and indulge in all those festive feels. After your skate you can find a spot to grab a hot chocolate and catch up with your colleagues.

2. Christmas markets

An activity the Happiful team recently enjoyed and one we can highly recommend is a trip to a Christmas market. Sure, mulled wine and ciders are likely available, but so are hot chocolates, coffees and other non-alcoholic tipples. Take a wander around the stalls, enjoy a tasty snack (our team went for crepes and churros!) and soak up the atmosphere.

3. Pawsitive cafe

Got some office dogs who want to join the festive fun? Try the Pawsitive cafe in Notting Hill (or your own local dog-friendly cafe). Pawsitive cafe in particular is not only welcoming of pups, it’s designed with mental wellbeing in mind too. From the positive affirmations and decor to the therapeutic activities on offer (including decorating tree ornaments) it’s bound to spark joy for all.

4. Wreath making

Another activity coming up on Happiful’s calendar (we’re spoiled, what can we say) is wreath making. This is a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon with colleagues and you get to leave with a beautiful wreath to hang on your door.

5. Cookery class

If crafts aren’t your thing, what about a cooking or baking class? You could learn to make your favourite festive treat, gather round afterwards and eat your creations while sharing reflections on the year with your team-mates. Delicious.

6. Volunteering day

Keen to support others this festive period? Organising a work volunteer day could be a lovely way to do it. You could support a local cause, spend time creating care packages, host a charity drive to raise money or send presents to those in need. Take a look at Reach Volunteering for more ideas.

7. Escape room/murder mystery party

For teams who love a good brain-teaser, why not head to an escape room or host a murder mystery party? This is a great way to get everyone involved in a unique celebration you’ll be talking about for years to come.

8. Indoor mini golf

Keen to stay active during your celebration? There are lots of indoor mini golf courses popping up around the country, often with fun themes, which can be a great alternative to a night at a bar. Get into teams, let that competitive spirit out and have a lot of laughs along the way.

9. Paint party

Work in an artistic industry or have colleagues who love to create? Try a paint party. Hosted by an expert (in-person or virtually) you’ll get a lesson in painting something beautiful while enjoying each other’s company.

10. Festive scavenger hunt

This is another activity that can take place in-person or online. Make a list of festive items and send your team off to find them. And hey, why not make things interesting with a prize for whoever gets all the items first?

11. Comedy club

Who doesn’t love a good chuckle? Find a local comedy club and head there with your team. Drinks will be available for those who want a tipple, but it’s the comedian taking centre stage here.

Tempted to explore sobriety? Pick up Love your sober year by Kate Baily and Mandy Manners. And if you’re looking for some support to reduce your drinking, have you considered hypnotherapy? Learn more about hypnotherapy to reduce drinking and search for a hypnotherapist at Hypnotherapy Directory.


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