10 things for your wellbeing in January 2022


From learning about the creativity of others to diving into what makes us happy, we share 10 things to do this January


You Coach You by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

A must-read for anyone who is re-assessing where they are in their career, or wanting to build their confidence, this book provides the perfect opportunity to look inwards at your goals and motivations, guided by those who have done it themselves. Coaches are wonderful for development, but who better to carve out the path best-suited to you, than well… you? (Out 13 January, Penguin Business, £14.99)

Out and about

The Tate Galleries

With rotating free events throughout the year, the Tate galleries are wonderful places to visit with the whole family. From mesmerising light shows and mirror rooms to artistic exhibitions, the galleries across the country offer something to be impressed by. With tours and refreshments available at the venues, why not make a day of it and soak up as much creativity as you can! (Visit tate.org.uk to find out more)

Put on a show

Beat the Streets

The annual music festival returns this January to continue raising funds and awareness of the rising homelessness crisis in Nottingham. Each year the proceeds from ticket sales go toward eradicating homelessness in the city. With hundreds of local and national artists performing across the two-day event, it is going to be a glorious weekend! (Visit beatthestreetsuk.com to find out more)

Lend us your ears

‘Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris’

After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety himself, journalist Dan Harris set out on his own journey toward happiness, and in the process wrote a bestselling book. Chatting with doctors, celebrities, and scientists, the podcast involves Dan sharing his opinions on everything from training the brain to feeling joy and accepting progress, to techniques for productivity. (Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify)



Greta Thunberg is an 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist who is well-known for challenging world leaders to take climate action. Her Instagram feed reflects her aims for raising awareness and campaigning for real change across the world. Not only great for educating yourself on climate change, but her posts will also have you inspired to do your part to save the planet. (Follow @gretathunberg on Instagram)

Tech Tip-Offs

Stress & Anxiety Companion

Companion provides its users with the tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety at work, so that you’re able to make the most out of your day. Complete with hundreds of expert guides for different scenarios, the app seeks to improve your overall workplace wellbeing. (Download from the App Store or Google Play)

Square eyes

The King’s Man

Another film based on the comic book The Secret Service, the Kingsman series is back with a prequel-style film exploring the establishment of the Kingsman Agency in the early years of the 20th century. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton, this is one not to be missed! (Available in cinemas from 22 December)

Treat yourself

Betsy Benn’s Moment of Calm Letterbox Gift

Finding time to take a moment to breathe and pause can be challenging, but it really can do wonders. The Moment of Calm Letterbox Gift is the perfect present for friends or loved ones. A lovely reminder to take a break, this gift includes a personalised journal, a wall print, and a selection of caffeine-free tea bags to enjoy during the quiet. (RRP £26.50, visit betsybenn.com)

Get going

RED January

January can be full of ‘new year, new me’ conversations. But, for 2022, RED January is encouraging us all to set realistic and healthy goals for ourselves. With their ‘realistic everyday movement’ campaign, RED wants us to move to improve our minds, doing simple and easy things to get ourselves outside, without pushing ourselves to the limit. (Search ‘RED January’ to sign up)

The conversation

Dry January

Every year, Alcohol Change UK runs the Dry January campaign to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol. It encourages us to join in with the UK’s one month alcohol-free challenge, and to consider the way that our bodies feel during this time. With previous participants noting that they saved money, and slept better, it sounds like a challenge to get behind! (Visit alcoholchange.org.uk for more information)

You can find out more about alcohol addiction and find counsellors near you at Counselling Directory, or use the search box below.


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