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Delivery and Installation Guide. “If it’s in my city, I will try if I don’t have a booked schedule. You just need to continue adding PVC pipes under your hot tub for as far a distance you want to go. Measure your doorways, if you are committed to installing indoors you may need to consider opening up and then fixing a section of wall. Many factors determine the total cost of installation ranging from materials, quality, sturdiness, aesthetics, ergonomics, to extra features like underwater lights, sound system, and other additional features. If you go for this option, just be sure to also measure any interior doors both height and width, as well as the width or narrow passages of hallways to make sure you have enough space. Keeping your pool clean and inviting. Homeowners will continue to pay to operate their in ground hot tub on a monthly basis. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. However, having a few knots was worth the $2,000 2,500 savings in wood alone. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in creating the perfect backyard hot tub installation. But that’s a conservative estimate – the costs can rise quickly if the hot tub is poorly built or your energy price plan increases. What do you want from your backyard. This may be necessary if you want to put your hot tub on your balcony, roof or backyard. Sell it online on Craigslist or a local Facebook group page. This tub comes with a digital control panel that allows you to change the water temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and flow of the jets without stepping out of the tub. More popular hot tub patio ideas include adding hanging patio lights to your outdoor space. However, outdoor spas come in a variety of materials, including. Ultimately, it comes down to weighing carefully your hot tub moving options. Although, I have heard that in Finland they like to go dip themselves in a cold lake before getting in the hot tub or sauna. It is over sized at 10′ diameter so it can also function as a kiddie pool. Structure must be closer to your house than to the road;4. Wholesale keys backyard sauna are also perfect for the home, being great for relaxation without the need to leave the house. Perfect for plants, storage and entertaining. There’s no point getting your spa to its new home, only to find that you can’t fit it through the gate.

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Going up the stairs it would be a big help to have 2 sets of legs driving the spa with one person on top guiding and pulling. A foundation that shifts or settles may cause stress to the spa shell. We’ve been in the business for a long time and know exactly how to give you the perfect hot tub installation you’ve always dreamt of. Lifesmart Spas 65 Jet. Some control panels will have a self priming mode. You could also consider building your own sauna. Make $50 $500 each month renting your garage, basement, shed or other storage space. You’ll need to plan adequate drainage around your hot tub. Choose custom lighting throughout your garden and in the hot tub to take the atmosphere to the next level. A hot tub is the simplest type of spa to install. If you’re placing your hot tub under a solid roof, though, then you might want to pay a little more attention to proper ventilation. Note: However you decide to dispose of your indoor or outdoor hot tub, be sure to shut off power and water to the tub before starting. The next time you’re negotiating with yourself about your fitness routine remember just a quick 20 30 minute dip counts as exercise. Therefore, I knew I needed concrete and lots of it. Help them before the big day by.

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Our spa was installed today here in Silverstream, Lower Hutt. From the point of view of hot tub installers – these issues are what they deal with every day. Most photo’s I see show 2 4 sides of the hot tubs surrounded by either wood or stone, but how do these hot tubs have access to all side panels for maintenance without being put into a raised deck off a house with plenty of access room under the deck. And if you’re planning to have decking or some other type of material surrounding the hot tub a common option, you’ll pay more for that as well. Simply follow these steps to build your private paradise. Once you’ve taken care of all the practicality and functionality issues, you just need to think about how you will be using your hot tub so it works for your lifestyle. You get to choose the amount and placement of hydrotherapy jets and finishing materials like tile and exterior stone that decorates the spa’s walls. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Movers that charge by weight may charge a premium for items weighing over a certain amount. If the majority of your budget is going on the hot tub, then you can go the DIY route with a pallet fence or growing dense vegetation in planters to border your spa. Depending on the cost of water in your area, as well as the size of your hot tub, this can add up over the course of a year. A couple of fantail goldfish from a friend. Outdoor Living Garden Rooms. A cheaper version of this is found with the purchase of a portable hot tub enclosure or vendor type tent. Your local Caldera® Spas dealer can walk you through the process in a step by step way and provide detailed pre delivery instructions that will make the task feel completely manageable. If you would like any advice on Hot Tub installation our knowledgeable team can talk you through the best options for your garden and tub of choice. The heat from the bath reacts with the colder room temperature, and condensate forms on the walls, ceilings and windows. Use an approved cleaner and make sure the tub or spa is completely dry when you’re done cleaning. 170 7th Ave W NKalispell, MTUSA 59901. This is a trickier issue because of the additional issues you need to consider. The goal is to have the weight of the tub bottom resting on base support while also ensuring the stave is flush with the ground to keep out nesting animals. Watch your inbox for our simple home maintenance tips. Our range of different vehicles means we can deliver your hot tub even if you live down the tiniest of lanes or confined cul de sac. Very reliable and efficient. The branches draped across the pond keep the birds of prey from eating my beloved fish. This is the 5 Red Cedar.

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They are often installed outside out of convenience and due to the greater amount of space available. No one knows how to safely and efficiently move a hot tub like your local spa dealer. Install a secondary barrier, such as lockable spa covers and locks that are out of a child’s reach on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool or spa area. – Gabe Givan, Sonoma Backyard, California. 2155 Robertson Road, Ottawa. For this reason, locate your spa inside or under a gazebo, pergola, or awning. Photo via Bullfrog Spas. You might have noticed that “spa” and “hot tub” are often used interchangeably. All in, expect to pay $5,000 to $20,000. Be sure to tighten the strap to fit snuggly, but be careful not to overtighten and crack any of the cabinet panels. We moved our 700 lb hot tub away from the center of our patio. It would have been better if the approach described was in the photos, in my opinion. If anyone knows how to move, it’s Marian White. Most indoor hot tubs can be set up in a day. When you have a hot tub that needs removal in Tacoma or Olympia, there’s no safer and faster solution than EZ Haulers. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about buying a hot tub. One of the most popular options is bamboo because it grows quickly and provides a great barrier between you and the neighbour’s view of you. Second, we also include links to advertisers’ offers in some of our articles; these “affiliate links” may generate income for our site when you click on them. The Spa Pack is really the control centre for your Hot Tub. Two feet is considered a good minimum depth for the health and safety of pond fish. The National Electric Code considers these to be minimum clearance in order to safely work on electrical equipment. No matter the weather or temperature, you can spend time enjoying the elements of your backyard. Converting your pond into a hot tub is quite a lengthy process that includes draining the pond, making the depth of the pond greater, installing rebar, smoothing surfaces, adding additional piping and electrical wires, as well as possibly changing the area around the pond. Or it may have come as an unwanted fixture in an otherwise exciting new home. If you’re ready to move your hot tub or spa, here are the cost factors to consider. Rotomolded plastic tubs are lightweight and portable but not well insulated. We place the other 3 PVC pipes under the edge of the hot tub so that the hot tub could slide on them.

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So you’ve purchased a hot tub — or maybe you’re considering buying one right now congratulations. Homeowners prefer acrylic because it has the greatest variety and handles cold weather the best. In addition, controlling the amount of air mixed with the water with the air control valves changes the dynamics of the massage. Keep in mind that the spa’s equipment is not built in and can be bulky and noisy. They’ll snap, depending on the strength of the spa. I think the longer your PVC pipes the better. Junk Works offers an efficient, safe, and eco friendly hot tub removal service that will make your life easy. Most of them are made for an even number of people, but some are designed to have one person seated in the center of one side, while two people can occupy the ends of the opposite side, managing to have three people in one unit. The penalty for accidents can be hefty. We all want the perfect backyard, somewhere to escape, relax and unwind after a long day. You will have to change the water in your hot tub from time to time so access to a garden hose and a safe area to drain your hot tub is also important. A major bonus of installing your hot tub outside is being surrounded by nature. This will give you the typical pounds you’ll need your deck to support. Screens don’t have to be made of wood either. Earlier in the article I explained my woes of power outages so I will not recount the story again here. Our fully licensed and insured teams are experienced in hauling away hot tubs safely and without damaging anything. The fire pit can also offer warmth once you’re out of the hot tub and drying off, or it can be used to roast marshmallows and make s’mores on a summer night. You may need to call in some pros to haul your hot tub away to make room for your next big plan for the space.

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When placing a spa into a design, I account for sight lines and privacy. The difference comes down to how the units are constructed and installed. Our employees have extensive water chemistry training and will explain in detail just how to keep your pool and hot tub crystal clear and safe for the swimmer and safe for the pool and hot tub. However, if you live in a conservation area or in a listed building, then it’s likely you will need planning permission. If you have some reservations, consider a semi recessed hot tub. How much weight can a deck hold. Allen, we appreciate your interest. This will add to labor costs and hourly rates. I purchased this hot tub after much deliberation on whether I should go with a plug and play or a 220 volt. Install a secondary barrier, such as lockable spa covers and locks that are out of a child’s reach on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool or spa area. We advise hiring a specialist for this project, though. There is so much to love about having an in ground hot tub at home. So far, most of what we’ve focused on is privacy from the site. Plan to do your install when the weather is nice and not too cold to avoid any serious or dangerous complications. While some don’t have any at all, others have partial foam, thermal wrap, or full foam insulation available to choose from. Boisterous fun with friends and family means putting the tub in a more central location. Aside from helping you relax after a stressful day, hot tubs offer a variety of health benefits. You should always hold your budget in high regards while planning your hot tub installation. Then select a suitable location for the hot tub. Sundance® Spas are designed and engineered using some of the best technology and high grade materials available to the industry. Jetted hot tub prices range even higher $4,000 to $16,000. If you didn’t use your hot tub very often, then it won’t be much of a loss, except a financial loss for what you paid to get it installed. You can then request a local price quote on that specific configuration from your local dealership.

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However, there are some guidelines to help you estimate what your deck can handle. Include native plants, shrubs, and trees as accents around your yard and hot tub. Commbank Identified Verified. The dimensions of the Keys Backyard hot tub cover above are from the spa maker. You can use your garden hose to fill your hot tub. Step 6: Run the required wires through the conduit to the Control System Box. A professional hot tub installation will average around $3,400. Contact Robert Allen Pools and. If we’ve missed something you think should be included, tell us about it in the comments below. Are you concerned that 9 panels are blocked for maintenance/repair and you would need to pull it out each time. Include a wood bar and stools that complement the space and serve to entertain guests. See Showroom Get Directions. This will help you position more weight in front as instructed in order to achieve sufficient tongue weight during transit. You have several options here. Monday Friday 10am 7pmSaturday 10am 6pmSunday 11am 5pm. The size of the skimmer that you choose is going to be dictated by the size and volume of water you are going to have in your tub. This means you are somewhat limited to an upright position, and can expect fewer features or jets than in an acrylic spa. His instructions were very clear and he had the problem fixed in no time. When evaluating the various locations for a deck consider how the structure, design, and accessibility will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your hot tub, home and yard. Choosing this type of installation allows for a custom look that you can enhance through your backyard design. In the architect designed, owner built accessory dwelling unit, contemporary design and local materials make for a rustic retreat. Seems like common sense, right. We serve Austin, Bartlett, Bastrop, Belton, Round Rock, Briarcliff, Burnet, Cedar Park, Coopers Cove, Del Valle, Elgin, Georgetown, Granger, Harker Heights, Horseshoe Bay, Hutto, Jonestown, Killeen, Lago Vista, Leander, Liberty Hill, Lockhart, Manor, Marble Falls, Pfulgerville, Rolling Wood, Salado, San Marcos, Spicewood, Taylor, Temple, The Hills, West Lake Hills, Wimberley, Bee Cave, Westlake, Lakeway, Lake Travis, Buda, Kyle, Dripping Springs, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.

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If you plan to reuse the tub in a new location, bring in a local professional plumber to handle disconnecting the water lines so you don’t cause damage. Your Caldera Spas dealer can help you connect to the right resources. We quote our spa removal services in person to ensure you are getting an accurate estimate. All it takes is a few sturdy posts and a few screws, and you can have a perfectly private space within a weekend. Mon – Fri:9:00am – 6:00pmSaturday:9:00am – 4:00pmSunday:Closed. Most likely you already have a hot tub place to install. Incorporate plants, lanterns, and cozy chairs to make the place more inviting. Remember, even though keeping up with maintenance may seem expensive at first, any damage from neglecting your hot tub will cost far more. I only went for 2 speakers and they are front facing from the TV unit that I constructed, more on that shortly. For standard hot tubs, Lewis works with one other mover. Use faux stone in your hot tub deck design to create a unique look to your backyard patio and hot tub. Everything that is going to be connected to your Hot Tub that is electrical should be taken into account and added to your list.

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Keep in mind, that you drain up to 500 gallons from the tub every 3 4 months. I love some of these ideals. Privacy policy Terms of service Sitemap. Follow us on Instagram for more ideas. Here are some considerations to map out. This kind of installation is ideal for decks that aren’t high off the ground. Tell us about the in ground hot tub you are looking to install. Remember, you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Like any project of this nature, the first step is to decide where your hot tub will go. Photo via Love Chic Living. Discard any materials attached to the inserts. Wheel the hot tub to the new location and lift it up to slide the 4×4 boards underneath and recover the furniture dolly. Durable hardwoods like Iroko, Acacia and Ipe are ideal for exterior use and will stand the test of time. Thank you for posting this wonderful article. One advantage to using a cart is that there are carts that can hold a hot tub that is flipped on its side. Loosen the couplers on your heater and pumps and remove any bleed valves or drains on the equipment. However, if this is not possible. If you disagree with the relevant council’s determination about the date of construction of your pool or spa, you can appeal the decision to the Building Appeals Board BAB. Photo via Nick Leith Smith. We get into that next. See Showroom Get Direction. Talk to your hot tub company and get their advice before you decide on deck designs with a hot tub. We do our very best to be safe when approaching these types of items for disposal. Wave and accessories will not operate at 240 V. The Nature 2 mineral stick works with your existing filter and helps you reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine that you need. Typically the hot tub will be loaded onto a cart and brought in on its side, so the access point to your backyard needs to be at least as wide as the hot tub is tall.

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Whether your hot tub requires a crane or not will depend on how heavy it is, how far the distance is between the trailer and the installation site, and if there is an access route big enough for the hot tub installers to carry the spa to its final location. If you need a quote on a new hot tub or swim spa, or for one of our many services, don’t hesitate to contact us. A simple fence or trellis is transformed when you add a creeper or vine like ivy or even climbing roses. Typically the hot tub will be loaded onto a cart and brought in on its side, so the access point to your backyard needs to be at least as wide as the hot tub is tall. The inside diameter of the hot tub is 8 feet. So how do you plan to move the hot tub. Thinking about installing a hot tub into your existing deck. After that you only have to sit back and relax while our hot tub removal experts take care of everything else. Acknowledging that this option represents the least environmentally friendly method of disposal, it does have benefits: It won’t cost much, and you can do it on your schedule without extra help. Many installation teams will deliver, fill, and wire the hot tub for you. Make sure to follow any safety precautions on the chemical bottles. If you want to build diy hot tub surround, these are the three basic steps you should follow. Once your hot tub is delivered, assembled, and wired, it’s time to fill it with water. Chances are good that you’ll need to use a pump or garden hose to drain the water. How much privacy you need is up to you, but you’ll want to think about that before you inadvertently put your hot tub in full view of the neighbor’s window. AirFrame covers are recommended by the Energy Trust of Oregon even though they are expensive – from $650. Hot tubs are very heavy, so if you do want to install it in your home, you need to make sure that the floor it will be on is strong enough to hold it.

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Partially or fully recessed installations need a floor drain system installed in the concrete pad. Make sure the base is weather resistant and thick enough to keep your hot tub off the ground. – Tip provided by Nick Leith Smith, Architecture and Design, London. Whether you’re getting rid of an old hot tub or upgrading to a new one, we can take care of everything for you. However, the tub size itself is only one small piece of the puzzle, as you’ll need to consider other factors such as. A roof and three walls, adorned with windows to let some light in, protects you and your hot tub from the elements. Besides the hot tub, you can include backyard features such as a built in deck or patio, BBQ, exterior lighting, trendy outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and so much more. If you will need to remove gates or parts of fences, do it in advance.

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Stones and water features can add to the relaxation, as well as help the spa blend into the yard. If the delivery team can’t access the area you have selected or your backyard in general, you’ll have a problem. Moving a hot tub can be a real challenge. Customer review: “I love swimming but had never tried the swim spa experience. Hot tub delivery day is very exciting, and the four legged members of your family will be especially enthusiastic. I bought the jets and suction intake from a small outfit in central New York. Some fantastic ideas in there. Now the weather is starting to improve and summer is on the horizon your thoughts might have turned to choosing one of the best hot tubs for your garden. But don’t use a chainsaw for this; a reciprocating saw works best – and don’t forget your PPE. Completely surround your spa with four sided isolation fencing with a self closing and self latching gate that’s out of a child’s reach. Concrete: The quickest and easiest way to install a swim spa is above ground with a level, structurally sound and level. But it’s also pretty important for installing a hot tub. Buying a hot tub can feel overwhelming, but it shouldn’t have to be. Polycarbonate panels are an affordable, durable option that is quick to install. First, you’ll never have to worry about leaves or any other outdoor debris. We have the following showroom locations to better serve you. An overlooked option is using stone. Built in or below ground hot tubs add value to a home, but cost $30 to $100 per month operate. Due to his constant pain, before receiving his Prodigy spa he would have to take five different pain medications, including morphine, every day.


Assuming the pathway to the moving truck is flat, you won’t have to turn the hot tub on its side to move it. Troubleshooting Guide. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. Master Spas recommends planning for 3 feet around the perimeter. However, outdoor spas come in a variety of materials, including. It’s simple, but more expensive. Most models require a current larger than 13 amps and in these situations, we recommend a 32 amp supply is installed. Then, your water will be heated and go back into the tank. Is already outside on the deck and weight about 300kgs dry. She then also earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with an emphasis in integrated marketing communications from Drake University. Hot tubs are certainly a process to install, but if you want this element in your outdoor space, experienced build teams can certainly work with you to find the best and easiest installation solutions. “Have your ducks in a row. Here are some considerations to map out. Incorporating light in your outdoor design can brighten dark corners and add emphasis on areas you want to highlight. Most local communities have detailed guidelines covering such issues as fencing and enclosures, setbacks to property lines, and proximity to utility lines. She also has hosted videos on DIY home tips and solutions and launched multiple home improvement review boards staffed with licensed pros. Now, if I wanted to speed this up, I could have put an independent thermostatically controlled slave heater in and double the size to 6KW of heat which would in turn speed things up. Perhaps your hot tub. The user manual of your hot tub can show you any screw locations that aren’t readily apparent by visually inspecting the hot tub. Mamerlita Angelou from Real People, Real Stories. Sundance® Spas are designed and engineered using some of the best technology and high grade materials available to the industry. So far, most of what we’ve focused on is privacy from the site. Photo via Archadeck of Central GA. Ultimate Guide to Gazebos, Pergolas, and Surrounds. However, it’s important to not sacrifice function over form.

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